This November, as a registered Republican, I will be voting Democrat for T. Walton for sheriff.

T. has the overwhelming support of both active and retired law enforcement on both the city and county sides. This says a tremendous amount to any citizen who has not personally gotten to know T. Those who have worked long hours alongside T, with life and death decisions on the line, know him best — both professionally and personally — and are a good indicator for the rest of us.

T.’s decades of compassionate and highly successful crime busting detective work will be put to use for the whole county if we can elect him this November.

His exceptionally strong, long and active relationships within the Newton Police Department and the broader law enforcement community will ensure a natural and seamless relationship with the sheriff’s department — a vital necessity for a safer community for us all.

This year it’s more about the person than the political party, and I hope you will strongly consider T. Walton for Harvey County sheriff.

For more information and to see some of T.’s great support in local law enforcement, see and

— Timothy Conner, Newton