To the citizens of Harvey County: I have been employed with the Newton Police Department for 15 years. During my time with the department, I have been fortunate to work with, and get to know, C. Townsend Walton, known to many as T. Walton. I have watched him work from the bottom of the ranks as patrol officer to the top of the ranks as detective lieutenant in charge of the investigations division for the Newton Police Department. It is now up to the citizens of Harvey County to help him continue his goal in law enforcement and elect him as the next sheriff of Harvey County.

T. Walton is not only known as a co-worker to many, but as a friend. He is honest, trustworthy and hardworking, and he stands up for those who are unable to. He is the founder of the Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center. Not only will he continue to protect the children of our community, but he will put his efforts into protecting the community as a whole.

T. Walton has proven, time and time again, his dedication to his law enforcement career. Not once has he wavered or walked away from it. During this race for Harvey County sheriff, I implore you to inquire and investigate. Hold or attend a forum. Ask questions. Speak with current law enforcement personnel of Harvey County. Do whatever it takes to get to know the candidates. In doing this, I am sure you will agree T. Walton is the right choice to represent Harvey County as sheriff.

As a Republican, I challenge each and every citizen of Harvey County to make an informed decision when voting on Nov. 4. This race is not about the party being represented but about the right man for the position. Vote T. Walton!

Marcy Lagree, administration,

Newton Police Department