I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to everyone who supported me both during my campaign and tenure as sheriff of Harvey County. During the last 15 months, I have received numerous cards, letters, phone calls and visits offering encouragement and support as I campaigned for office. I received just as many offerings of support and words of thanks for the work my department and I have been able to accomplish during the last 15 months. From the bottom of my heart and also from my family, our thanks go out to all who offered this support.

Since May 2007, I feel like we’ve accomplished a great deal at the sheriff’s office. Many of the things we’ve done are built on a foundation of collaboration with other agencies and organizations. Like personal relationships, many of these interagency relationships require nurturing and mutual respect. In today’s society, no single agency truly can succeed acting as a completely autonomous entity. It is my sincere hope that you, as voting citizens, choose wisely in November and elect a sheriff who will build on these already established relationships and help them thrive. This, and only this, will ensure the continued successes of your Sheriff’s Department.

None of my accomplishments during the last 15 months would have been possible without the men and women of the Harvey County Sheriff’s Office. I was told I faced an uphill battle due to the loss of a number of years experience due to retirements last May. I think we have overcome that loss and won the battle by augmenting the already-strong team with additional competent, concerned, well trained and professional law-enforcement officers. I ask that you continue to support this team in their endeavor to make your community a safer place.

I will continue to work hard as your sheriff for the next five months. I would like to ask that each and every one of you who is eligible to do so vote in the November election and, between now and then, try to gather as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision at the polls. When it comes to the sheriff’s election, no one has their finger on the pulse of the needs of law enforcement more than the officers and deputies who have dedicated their lives to protecting you. If you run into one of these fine men or women, ask them their opinion. This is one way that might help you to make a wise decision in November.

Thanks again to the citizens of the greatest county in Kansas!

— Sheriff A.J. Wuthnow