We have had cool nights, which has made for some good sleeping. Perhaps this is the first taste of fall? After last week with temperatures in the upper 90s, it was a relief.

We have had cool nights, which has made for some good sleeping. Perhaps this is the first taste of fall? After last week with temperatures in the upper 90s, it was a relief. We were blessed with four-tenths inch of rain on Saturday. We are still in need of lots more, but that sure will help the gardens. The grass and garden needed it badly. We did get our third cutting of hay in last week. We are so thankful for every wagon load we can get from our own field. Hay is very expensive to buy right now.

We had some pretty excited children yesterday when our dog, Frisco, had three puppies. Benjamin was walking by her dog house and heard the little puppies. He came running in to tell us that Frisco had her puppies. Our dogs Frisco and Rover are rat terriers. Frisco is very protective and a good mother to the pups.

The children have one more week at home before starting another school term. School will open its doors on Sept. 2. Elizabeth will be home-schooling her last year, eighth grade, while Susan will be in sixth, Verena in fourth, Benjamin in third, Loretta in second, and Joseph in kindergarten. These summer months went way too fast!

Last week, we attended Joe’s Uncle Martin’s funeral in Indiana. Joe saw a lot of cousins he hadn’t seen in quite a while. We heard this morning my Uncle Chris is in ICU in the hospital. They had to amputate his other leg. He has sugar diabetes and has had problems with it for quite a few years. This would be my mother’s only brother. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and the family.

Last week was another busy week cleaning for our upcoming church services, which will be here Sunday. It will be baptismal services for another young soul who will be baptized. We are expecting a bigger attendance due to relatives attending the baptismal service.

Jacob, Emma and family came on Saturday as Joe was in need of some help outside. They cleaned out the barn, hauled manure and mowed the pasture fields.

We appreciated our neighbor letting us borrow his team of work horses and his mower. Jacob did the mowing while Joe hauled the manure. The little boys are a big help already, too, with the outdoors chores. When mowing was done, Jacob went after the bench wagon with a team of horses. The bench wagon carries all the church benches, dishes and songbooks and is moved from place to place, wherever is having church next.

Jacob’s girls and our girls washed off the wrap-around porch. The siding and vinyl railings tend to get dirty and dusty. We also did a huge laundry, some more windows and a lot of odd jobs that needed to be done.

(Editor’s note: in last week’s column a reference was made to imaginative son, Benjamin, making “holsters” out of baler twine. That should have been “halters” for the horses. Most Amish discourage toys having to do with guns or violence. Also, many readers have inquired about the “corn-detassling” Lovina’s daughter, Elizabeth, has been doing this past summer. A video of a corn-detasseling demonstration done in Lovina’s garden along with an explanation of the process can be found this week at amishcookonline.com.)

Yesterday, Sunday, we spent the day at home resting. It was a relaxing, nice family day together. Joe put the saddle on our pony Stormy and our children enjoyed riding him. While the boys were riding, I helped the girls with their German lessons and Joe grilled hamburgers for our supper.

I continue to enjoy a good supply of peaches that need to be used. This is an easy recipe of my mother’s that will put the peaches to good use.

Peach Cream Pie

2 1/3 cups pitted, peeled and sliced peaches

1 1/4 cups sugar

1/3 cup plus 1 tablespoon flour

1 cup milk

1 pinch salt

Mix all ingredients and pour into a ready-made piecrust. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Reduce heat to 350 for 30 minutes. Fresh rhubarb also may be used in place of peaches.

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