Outgoing question: It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

• Until the source of the salmonella restaurant is announced, we will not be eating in any restaurant in Newton. • OK, I’ve finally read what is going on at the depot. It may even end up being pretty. But for now, I am grieving the loss of the beautiful trees that once filled that space so gracefully. They provided shelter from the elements, haven for the birds and joy to the eyes. It seems ironic to me that these stately creatures were destroyed to make a park, of all things. Mature trees are a premium in parks. I wish we would learn to accommodate the past while we plan for the future. • What kind of man publicly curses his fellow senators who disagree with him, curses his wife publicly when teased him about his thinning hair and calls her a name so vile the media “bleeped” it, calls a young college student a “jerk” for asking him if his age would be a concern if he became president? Certainly not my kind of man. We need a president who has and shows respect for others, even those who disagree with him. • It’s sad that the train depot park is getting a facelift without including the original public stone water fountain that was relocated to Eighth and Main just to appease somebody’s big bright idea. Sorry, but no matter how they try to spruce it up, it still looks lost and out of place. I say, move it back to Depot Park where it belongs while the facelift is still under construction. • Nothing has been in the paper lately about the Sand Creek Station Golf Course. You think the Kansan could get with somebody on the commission and see if we are making any money on it and find somebody that can tell the truth about it. We need to know whether we are making any money on this big high-dollar golf course they thought they had to have, and see if it’s paying for itself or if the taxpayers are paying for it.