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Q. For a long time I’ve wondered why those of us who have personalized license tags have to have two. And related to that, if I should decide to get a regular tag, would it be legal to keep the personalized front tag on my car?

A. A helpful fellow by the name of Ray Wilk with a really long title (manager at the Titles and Registrations Bureau of the Division of Vehicles for the state of Kansas — whew!) provided some handy-dandy info on this subject, which falls under KSA 8-132(c), if you want to get all legal about it.

While the statute says the state can issue two personalized license plates under the same registration, the owner or lessee is only required to display the rear plate.

The front personalized plate may be displayed but is not required.

As for keeping the personalized plate on the front with a regular tag, that would be a no-no.

Because the registration relating to the tag would be legally canceled, it would violate KSA 8-142, which makes it unlawful to display a license plate known to be canceled, revoked, suspended or altered.

(In case you’re curious, it would be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not less than $100 and forfeiture of the item, meaning the guilty party would have to surrender their “2HOT4U” plate.)

Q. We were wondering why the Kansan has stopped putting in Saturday's paper the real estate transactions. We would like to see it continued.

A. We haven’t stopped, but we do occasionally run short on space on the once-a-week Business page (which runs on Saturdays).

In fact, we ran some real estate transactions last Saturday, and we will continue to include them when we can squeeze them in.

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